3 – 4 Year-olds Football Coaching

Toddlers football

Toddlers Football Coaching

Football coaching structure

  • Motor Skills | Agility | Balance | Co-ordination
  • Building Confidence
  • Listening Skills | Communication Skills
  • Colours | Counting
  • Ball Striking | 1v1 Games | Football Skills
  • Team Work
  • Social Skills

AW football coaching has a excellent reputation among football scouts in London and Kent for how they train and develop their young football players. My son loves attending aw football coaching, and I fully recommend anyone with young children locally to join aw.

Premier Club Scout | Lives in Welling

3-4 year-old | Football Coaching Schedule

AW football coaching continually year after year, produce talented young players who are skilled, hard working and have a good game understanding that is beyond their age. Highly recommend.

EFL Scout | Dartford

Lions classes are designed for maximum fun and enjoyment in a friendly, nurturing and challenging environment.

Our football coaching sessions for 3 and 4 year-olds are delivered by established coaches, using themes that allow the children to use their imagination and be creative, while learning new skills.

The football coaching sessions incorporate a range of exciting football-related activities that improve their fundamental skills that can be used across many sports and daily life.

AW football coaching is slightly different to other coaching providers in the way we allow our coaches to introduce the children to small-sided games that help them build their confidence and encourage them to tackle and showcase their football skills.

From our Lions sessions your child will be invited in to our technical or advanced coaching centres

“Over 100 children from AW and Hawkeys football coaching have now signed contracts with professional clubs along with 1000’s more happy children playing in advanced centre for their local grassroots football teams. #WeLoveWhaWeDo

Alex and Terry
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