Is football for my child?
Football is for any child. With the ages we deal with at AW Football Coaching, mainly between 2 and 5 years old, we have found even the most reserved and unsure children have developed a love and passion for the game with Alex helping to instil that enthusiasm. Regardless of level or ability, there will always be a class for your child to attend.

Why choose AW Football?
Alex has nearly 15 years of experience working with children aged between 18 months and 16 years, and has over this time built a reputation as a very well-respected coach and worker with young children.
Alex will challenge children to see how much they can learn and develop while still enjoying the football experience. Alex is a firm believer that children develop at different rates and will, for the benefit of a child, place them in a group where they can gain the basics and enjoy, at their own pace, learning all the skills. Reading the testimonials  may also help you choose AW Football for all your child’s footballing needs.

What’s the difference between Little Kicks and Super Kicks?
Little Kicks classes would suit any child who is looking to begin their footballing journey and acquire the basics all the while having loads of fun whilst learning little kicks, big kicks, wiggle kicks and squashing the ball just to name a few.
Super Kicks is for children who have learned all of the basic skills, and are ready to progress, and would like to learn about super skills like pointy toes, big toe/little toe, squash and roll and lots of scoring super goals!

Are the sessions drop in or do I have to register?
All of the sessions mentioned on the sessions page state whether or not the session is drop-in or you will need to register.
Please be aware that some of my sessions are in partnership with the children’s centre services and they will tell you, when you call on the number provided, whether or not space is available on the course.

What sessions do you have?
Please follow the link to our sessions page.

Do you do birthday parties?
We do not offer set birthday parties but we will undertake a party booking upon request dependent on schedule.

Do you offer one-to-one sessions?
Yes, our Head coaches Alex and Terry offer 1-2-1 coaching. To find out more please visit our 1-2-1coaching page or speak to Alex or Terry after one of the sessions.