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TeamTylerTeamDemelza-01.jpgCoach made an amazing amount by running the 2017 London Marathon, raising over £7000, allowing for the start of Tyler G’s Legacy charity to be set up and a share of the money also going to Demelza.

Thank You, everyone, for your support and donations, he couldn’t have done it without you!

Visit Kits 4 Kids UK

We are pleased to lunch “KITs 4 KIDS UK”, the idea behind Kits 4 Kids UK is to allow “every child” to be able to enjoy the beautiful game.

AW Football are delighted to announce that we are launching ‘KITS 4 KIDS UK’ an outreach resource for people in Bexley and Greenwich to start with, which will long term vision to provide football kits, tracksuits and Football boots and trainers for children and young adults who may not have access to that type of equipment.

We will be working closely with the local community projects and charities to ensure every piece of kit finds a home and brings a smile to a child’s face.

This is something that’s always been in the back of my mind while running AW football Coaching, and thanks to young Teddie Charlesworth and his parents Greg and Holly Ellis for the inspiration we are making it a reality.

Any kit donated will be well received but please ensure its clean and will give the recipient some good wear out of it – kit can be given at any of the sessions, to a drop off center or Alex or Terry.

To get involved with “KITS 4 KIDS UK” please email us at or visit Kits 4 Kids UK

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