Small Groups Advanced Football Coaching

Small Groups Advanced Football Coaching. Offers talented players from within our community an opportunity to train with experienced UEFA Coaches.

Adavnced Programme

  • Toddlers football

Small Groups Advanced Football Coaching

Under 7 – Under 16’s

Our Advanced football coaching is for selected players between the ages of 5-16 years of age.

During these sessions the players will be coached by experienced UEFA A and UEFA B licence coaches.

We deliver a specialised AWF curriculum focusing on enhancing technical, physical, social and psychological abilities.

Unfortunately, after assessment some players maybe asked to leave the Advanced centre, to attend our technical centres where the individual will be given the same quality of coaching based at their current needs to ensure each players maximises their ability in a fun and challenging environment.

Players are selected for the Advanced Centre through attending one of a number of AW Football and Sports Development programmes. Please see a list of programmes available below:

If a player within one of these programmes shows the AW coaches signs of great technical ability, good game understanding and excellent movement skills, they may be asked to attend the Advanced Centres.

The Advanced Centre programme for male and female players.