Football Coaching For Children In London and Kent

This more then just football coaching, since Finely joined AW toddlers, when he was 2 years-old, he was shy, didn’t listen and would not like to interact with other children. Now 4 months on, working with Coach Terry and Coach Jack, has developed lots of life and sporting skills, he even listens to me!

Dan Larwie | Welling | Attends Eltham session

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Football Coaching for Children

Hello, and welcome to AW Football coaching, one of the the UK’s fastest growing children’s football coaching provider for children aged 18 months to 16 years.

Our aim is to make your child’s introduction to football as fun and memorable as possible, and to develop a love for sport.

The foundation of our philosophy is to encourage children to learn through play, be creative and an imaginative.

Our coaches at AW football, teach much more than just football coaching sessions. Our coaches aim is to, play a significant role in each and very child’s learning and development, and that is exactly what our classes aim to achieve!


AW football coaching was founded 2010 in by Alex Warner in Catford, South London.

Our first ever class started with just 2 children attending a session in Catford. Now Aw football coaching run 18 under 5’s classes a week with 3 technical sessions, one of which is full with 100 children attending each week. AW Football coaching, now have 15 coaches working across our sessions.

We aim to work with as many children as possible to make a positive impact in your children development.

To date, we now have over 1500 children attending weekly within South London and north Kent across our programmes, teaching an additional 250 in our local nurseries and schools.

From day one our goal has is simple! To create football classes centred around CHILDREN providing the best quality coaching in a fun and safe environment.

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